Strojírna Sonntag s.r.o.

Accesories for loaders


They are identified for lading or for mining easily severable earth. We manufacture them with different degree of plating according to kind of setting.

- standard shovels with teeth or without teeth for rock about specific weight 1,6-1,8 t/m3/m3
- shovels heavy duty with teeth or without teeth for rock about specific weight 1,8-2 t/m3
- shovels bulk cargo -make for lading a light masses 0,8-1,2 t/m3

Combinated shovels

where classical shovel is furnished about "blade part". These shovel used to surface mining ,smoothing and spreading earth, perhaps even to remove a lump material.

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Kombinated shovel with teeth with removable side plate for lading bars.

Kombinated shovel with teeth.

bearer shovels
- they are intendet for loading and separation material about specific size.

Universal grapple shovel
- for manipulation with bound or in bulk material.Primarily for skid steer loaders.

Shovels with front tipping
-they are used there , where's needful to heighten dump high.

Shovels with side tipping
- They are used there , where's better tip shovel to the side, e.g . at pelt ditch, where make possible the lengthwise ride machine, at snow removal etc..

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